After 5 years of exploring what initially began with an open mind and an intense desire to understand the purpose of my existence, I have come to realize that reality is multidimensional and that the purpose is to progress by becoming more and more conscious of the many (perhaps infinite) realities in which we exist (or which comprise us).

I have spent hours daily recording all of my paranormal/spirit experiences along with all of my dreams (REM sleep experiences), and I analyzed these in conjunction with the many spirits I would see in photos and meditative states. I came to believe that my other (and future) selves are reaching out to help me and I to help them as we continue to evolve and unite in consciousness.

I strive to love everything that I encounter because it helps me evolve more quickly and pleasantly.  Sometimes it is tough to initially feel love because I usually encounter entities that are synonymous with fear (spiders, snakes, werewolves, vampires, "aliens", etc.).  But none have caused me any harm, to the contrary, all have given me helpful experiences, advice and support in my endeavour to overcome my fears and to expand my feelings of love, well-being, self-mastery, and to progress.

I've had many interdimensional guides, but I list as number one, White Wolf, a bipedal wolf-like entity clothed in a blue robe, and with blue eyes, who asked if she could enter me and help me explore my inner self.  And who I later found out