Book Reviews

Amongst the many metaphysical books I have read, the following are books that I have found particularly worth the time and money, with some excellent reads available free!

The Seth Material
by Jane Roberts

When I opened my mind to spirituality a few years ago, I felt I had to draw the line at spirit channeling. It seemed too far of a stretch for my mind at the time. But after seeing Seth’s writings referred to by authors I had come to revere, I ordered The Seth Material to see for myself if it was valid. My doubts were obliterated.

This book is an important Seth book to read first, as it introduces Seth, Jane and channelling properly. Also, there are photos and drawings in the book that I found quite intriguing and valuable. I know I will read this and all Seth books more than once, as the information is richly layered. Still, this particular book is not hard to read right through.

by Paylne Gaenir

Palyne Gaenir is a generous, skilled author and remote view expert who has posted her story Bewilderness for free. I loved reading her fascinating tale of “falling down the rabbit hole” of reality.

Short excerpts and further experiences are available at Firedocs.

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay

This book by Louise Hay started me on my journey to thinking and feeling better many years ago. It convinced me that physical ailments and illnesses are an extension of our negative thoughts. The best affirmation that I got from this book and still use all the time is “I approve of myself”. Whenever I feel less than happy, this mantra repeated throughout the day will most often break the spell and give me comfort. I particularly appreciated Louise’s personal story of cancer and how she identified the toxic thoughts that were at its root.

Journeys Out of the Body
by Robert Monroe

I have read all three of Robert Monroe’s “Journey” books and found them all very exciting and validating. Monroe is a pioneer in the study of sound wave influences on human behaviour, founding an institute for mind research. He also learned to master the out-of-body state and gained an in-depth understanding of it. He approaches the subject very scientifically, yet his writing and adventures are amazingly colourful. I enjoyed reading his books, especially this first one in the series, which kept my attention from beginning to end describing many of his fascinating out-of-body experiences, and also including instructions on how to induce an out-of-body state.
Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens
by John Mack

This book is a classic and perfect reading for those not sure if abductions are a reality. Firstly, credibility is heightened (IMO) because the late Dr. John Mack was professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, which at the least indicates his successful comprehension of the human brain and mind, and infers many years of "experience" exploring such. Secondly, he employs a more scientific-method in his research and properly cites previous findings (which appeals to the intellect). Thirdly, he provides detailed accounts of each abductee which is fascinating. I did, however, often skip his "discussions" at the end of each case, but this was because of my eagerness to read accounts instead of theories.
The Andreasson Affair
by Betty Andreasson

This was a great read for me because it is an intriguing story told mostly through direct dialog in which Betty Andreasson recounts a particularly lengthy, detailed experience with aliens/entities/UFOs. I always enjoy hearing a story from the experiencer’s own mouth, and I believe Betty’s story. Actually, I believe that most people are honest in presenting their spiritual and abduction stories, including via hypnosis. This stems from my own experience with self-hypnosis accuracy, and is based on my own need to be honest that I see mirrored in most people.

I enjoyed reading Betty’s amazing experience, and I found comparisons of it in my own knowledge and experiences, particularly the spiritual bird symbology.

Alien Agenda
by Jim Marrs

This is an excellent book to read for a wide, yet reasonably detailed review of recorded UFO data, theories, and cases, particularly if you are not well-versed on the subject. It is intelligently written and compelling to read. I really enjoyed reading about the spaceship-moon theory, and I particularly enjoyed the metaphysical exam chapter near the end of the book, which echoed my thinking and contained profound metaphysical quotes by aliens. This book was fun to read.

My Travels in the Spirit World

by Caroline Larsen

This is an interesting, short book from the Spirit Writings free e-Library. Published in 1927, Caroline describes her first intriguing out-of-body experience, followed by what she learned on her many journeys out of body pertaining to: life on earth immediately after death, life in the spirit realms, and her observations of the life that fills the Universe.

by Dana Redfield

This book synchronized with me enormously. It is a book similar in content to my own writings, dreams and journaled experiences, where the author is driven to assimilate and understand the information that is being "given" to her, for all intents and purposes, from alien intelligence. As I began to read it I immediately saw codes and patterns in her words and their meanings. Even within the title Summoned, I was struck with the impression of the message "sum = one" (all are one). Like Dana, I, too, had noticed the pattern of letters in significant names that came into my life (numbers, as well). I, too, have been given messages regarding the importance of "will". I, too, began to experience "impossible-to-ignore" phenomena after reading John Mack's Abduction. And the list of similarities goes on. I wrote out pages and pages of notes on this book, but it was such personal synchronicity that I decided not to include it in my review (but I'm always quite happy to share and discuss with anyone wanting!). Meanwhile, if you have a very open mind and are seeking answers to humanity's origins and destination, look into this book!

Seth Speaks
by Jane Roberts

This book is the epitome of everything I have always wanted to know (and had feared I would never find out). I hug this book when I pick it up. Really. Sometimes I would read it in gulps, other times sips, depending on the level of understanding I had at the time I read the portions. Not a line in it seemed untrue.

If you are seeking truth and meaning, in my opinion, this book is the ultimate in answers.

Letters from a Living Dead Man

This is a book of an amazing series of letters channeled through automatic writing in 1914 to author Elsa Barker from a male acquaintance that passed over and wanted to let others know what it is like on the other side. I am thrilled with the consistency these letters have with other writings that I take as truths, such as Seth Speaks and Journey of Souls. The letters begin with his initial impressions and change as he learns more and becomes quite adept at navigating the otherside, finding the purpose for it all, and making plans for further incarnations. This wonderful book of letters is enjoyable to read, compelling, and very enlightening.

Journey of Souls
by Michael Newton

If you read only one of my recommendations, then I would have to hope it is this one. For me, this book covers the heart of what matters in our existence. Dr. Newton, author and hypnotherapist, has been able to induce a state of superconsciousness in patients who were then able to describe their past lives and deaths, but more importantly, they described what happens in between lives, involving spirit guides, soul groups, spirit classes, choosing the next life, and the “purpose” of it all! While I maintain that the book Seth Speaks holds the greatest truths, Journey of Souls constructed for me an essential, sturdy bridge for easily reaching and accepting this far greater reality.
Out-of-Body Experiences

by Robert Peterson

This was one of the first books I read when I began my spiritual search. Not only is it an excellent, easy-to-read book, Mr. Peterson generously shares his book for free on his website, though it can be purchased in the physical as well.

One thing this book specifically did for me, apart from being a very fun, informative read, was to make me more aware of my “still small voice within” (chapter 10), which I began to accept and now associate with my guides.

Reaching for Reality
by Constance Clear

The subtitle for this brilliant book is Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction. If you have accepted alien abduction as a probable truth, then this book is a very worthwhile read. For me, it filled in more of the little gaps in my understanding and curiosity about abductions. One particular man not only gave intricate details of his many abductions, including his conversations with his abductors, but he also provided 40 or more drawings that I felt added volumes to his accounts. I was riveted to this book. But I love first-hand accounts and prefer them immeasurably over theory books, as I like to build and sort my own mental database of details and come to my own conclusions.
by Whitley Strieber

I was gobsmacked after reading only the first two chapters because Whitley’s eloquent writing reflects so well my feelings about entity phenomena, as well as some of the experiences I have also had. The whole book was quite compelling to me and I read it right through quickly. I was particularly impressed by his persistence in courageously facing his fears, thereby drawing the phenomena closer to him. And many of his fears were ones that have also gripped me, so I squirmed, yet cheered, while reading.

An example of facing his fears? He goes back to his initial abduction site in the woods to camp out. He scales a drop-off at night to get to a "visitor" cave (also in the woods) so he could meditate in its damp blackness. He invites the visitors to come on in… and they do. I loved this book.
The Astral City

The Story of a Doctor’s Odyssey in the Spirit World

By André Luiz (spirit)
Through Francisco Xavier

Yet another great read from the Spirit Writings free e-Library. A physician in his physical life, this man's tale opens with his first awareness after death--of being in the frightening lower zones of the astral plane. This is a channeled account of his spiritual rescue from anguish, up through his ascent within the system of the spirit world he belonged to. He learns that love is the food of souls and that service is the ultimate satisfaction. His tale provides many interesting tidbits of information as to how the spirit realm works. In combination with other channeled souls' experiences, a more substantial view of the spirit realm emerges.

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