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01 Feb 06

In visually examining the fine detail of the night time photos I have been taking, I found the perfect likeness of a fairy far up in a eucalyptus tree! I was in utter shock! As the reality of it began to sink in, I remembered that only last week I had a photo with an anomaly that looked exactly like a fairy sitting under a tree.  Thinking there are no such things as fairies, and almost to prove it to myself, I deleted the photo. Now I feel like crying about that hasty decision!

Upon seeing the first fairy, which appears transparent like spirits, yet in full colour, I instantly saw dozens of fairies throughout the photo, as if a switch had been flicked to expose them. But this vision lasted only a few moments and once it was gone, I could only make out my original fairy. The fairies I have seen have peachy coloured flesh, large round eyes, kelly green pants and shirt, long boots (white or black), and hats of varying types and colours, pointed ears like elves, and sometimes wings are visible. I know how this sounds. Only days ago I would not have believed it could be true. It goes to show how my boundaries need stretching all the time.

Meanwhile, as I examined the photos I deliberately took of trees after finding this original fairy, I found more of them. It was amazing. They were everywhere and they blended in just like chameleons. I have found that I am building up a better ability to spot them. Though I do end up with headaches from eyestrain, I find that the next time I search a photo for fairies it is a bit easier to spot them.

03 Feb 06

Moments before I awoke to the buzz of my alarm clock this morning, I heard a cute little female voice that sounded like "the chipmunks" saying to me "Oh nuts, you’re running away!" And I felt sure I was having a conversation with a fairy.

04 Feb 06

I woke in the night feeling physically restless. I felt I was being taught about fairies by fairies. The last thing I remember was being told that there are different fairies for lakes and fish, amongst a list of other things that I cannot now remember. Last night while I was out taking more photos in hopes of capturing more fairies, I felt as if they were all around my ankles as I could feel a strange resistance when I walked.

06 Feb 06

Today is the third day since Friday that my son has mumbled something about fairies once he woke up in the morning. The first day my jaw dropped, but then I thought I must be imagining he said "fairies". With his autism and language difficulties, I had not tried to discuss fairies with him and I cannot imagine he would have learned about them elsewhere. And even if he did, it is amazing that he would say it first thing in the morning coincidentally after I had dreamed and had night lessons about fairies.

So this morning when he said something unintelligible and then the word "fairies", I accepted that he is talking about fairies and maybe he is learning about them in the night, too, though he said nothing further about them even upon my questioning.

Last night was a big night of fairy learning for me. I woke feeling I had read several huge dream books on fairies, though I did not bring through any details into consciousness.

30 Mar 07

As I woke in the early morning hours, right as I opened my eyes, I saw a fairy/deva formed from lights that looked like an Ethelwynne Quail illustration of Hodson's visions, but in blue and pink.  It appeared as small lights and expanded into form, then contracted back into lights and disappeared.  It happened very quickly.

03 Apr 07

I am currently reading Hodson's "Fairies at Work and Play".  I saw fairies as I woke at each interval throughout the night.  They were green fairies like the leaf fairies in my photos.  Hodson is right-on to me because he describes elementals the same as they appear to me in my photos, as translucent with thin appendages, clothing that changes colours, beady (button) eyes, oversized shoes and hands, and long necks.  He described one gnome as spending time in a cocoon of lavender blue (I see these cocoons in my photos).  He also saw orbs, which he called globes (in 1920).  And he described trees as having hollow etheric feeding tubes, which sounds very much like the spirit snakes that I see.

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