Finding Fairies

I was caught completely off guard when I first noticed a fairy in one of my photos, so much so that I deleted the photo feeling sure it was an optical illusion. The second time I noticed a fairy, was in the photo below. My jaw dropped and I felt strangely emotional. There is nothing like capturing an image on camera (so tangible) of something you did not believe in, but now cannot deny. These are the entries I wrote in my journal about finding fairies.

I see several fairies in the photos below, though I believe this tree was quite full of fairies at the time. It took me several viewings to "see" the fairies other than the one in pink and blue (my first). The fairies are somewhat transparent, but classic in appearance. I really love the one under the leaves looking down with his legs crossed.


Above is another of the fairies from the same photo. I have contrasted and outlined portions (on right).
There is evidence of interdimensionality in this photo, which seems to account for the degree of a fairy's transparency, the occasional appearance of multiple poses, and multiple limbs, and for this fairy's head looking to be so far above her shoulders.


Above is another fairy from the same eucalyptus tree photo. 
Above is the full photo minimized.

A closer look at all three fairies (circled).

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