What Are Orbs?

"Orb" is a popular term used to identify the iridescent, sometimes colourful, transparent or opaque circles that have been appearing in photos with greater frequency over the last 10 or so years. Some people believe orbs are an anomaly attributable to the use of digital cameras with airborne particulate brightly illuminated by a close-seated flash. However, when I investigated the orb phenomenon with wonder, open-mindedness, and my camera, it quickly became apparent to me that orbs are some form of life.

I believe orbs are spirit/interdimensional life forms...

Most convincing to me is the fact that I have had virtually no orbs in any of my photographs over the last 20 years whether indoors, or out, using a film camera, or digital--until I wanted to photograph them. The first time I conceived of the idea of taking spirit photos and so asked for any entities to appear for my photograph, I captured a brilliant little orb. Ever after now in my photos, I get orbs, sometimes too many to count. They also appear brighter when requested.



The following is a photo of an orb that I have enlarged. In the fourth frame I have "cut out" the face within the orb belonging to a spirit man who has appeared in many of my photos wearing a long wavy beard and a tall felt hat with turned up brim. In this photo he is holding a rose up to his left eye. There is also a 3/4 view of his face on the upper righthand side of his image. This photo shows me that at the very least, orbs are connected to life.


The photo below was taken one evening when I was feeling extremely delighted about my spirit orb photography experiences, and stuck my hand out with hopes that an orb might respond to my gratefulness.



In Conclusion...

I have read arguments and seen example photos proclaiming orbs to be airborne particulate (water, dust, pollen). However, even if particulate can create similar anomalies to spirit orbs in photos, this is not reason for me to dismiss the phenomenon of orbs as being a manifestation of spirit. In the same vein, just because a UFO photograph can be fabricated or misidentified, does not mean that the phenomenon itself or all such photos are false.  I cannot provide a simple scientific explanation for how spirits and orbs are able to appear for photographs (and perhaps everything cannot be defined within the current parameters of science). But what I do know is that the orbs that I have photographed are life of some form.  And I believe they exist in another dimension or layer in which they can slip over into ours, or possibly we slip momentarily into theirs. Maybe we meet halfway? Or maybe the camera can capture and hold that which our continually processing eye/brain connection filters out.  There is so much to explore!

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