Chris's Photos 2

Photo taken from indoors of a tree outside. Right is an enlargement of the being in the top right corner (she has dark hair with braids and is crouching).
Left is from a photo taken in the woods when it was snowing that shows some tiny spirit people...on the right I've enhanced the hat and eyes of the white-bearded figure.
I have darkened around the two gnome-like faces that I see in this garden shot, though surely there are more.
In this photo a little being appears to be kissing another being. I have circled the kisser.
Left is a dog face in the mist and right is an ape-like face through the trees.
This creature, camouflaged by dead leaves and surrounded by three baby creatures, seems to be examining his foot. I have outlined him in part on the right.
A ball of light amidst the grass and leaves.
A cute little being amongst the plants.
A solid little gnome peeking from beneath the foliage.
A little being (visible through the blur that sometimes accompanies multi-dimensional photography).
A procession of cloaked nature spirits on a fungoid growth of a felled tree trunk.

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