Strange 1


A shiny little non-human guy hanging from the power line by the crook of his elbow.


This photo is at the very top of the power pole from the same photo as above with the shiny guy. I have outlined the fairy I see and drew an arrow to indicate another faint fairy.





There are two  similar simian-type creatures in the same photo at the same horizon point.





The feature that drew my attention to this being was the almost full circle of it's head/skull. It was out of place with the choppy nature of the leaves and branches. The close-up on the left is the original. On the right I have added some white lines to illustrate my vision of this being.


I spotted these creatures in the same larger photo as the green skeleton-like being above. I've darkened the area around the profiles of the three most prominent figures on the right (left is the original).


This little green being that is kneeling atop the bushes while turning to look at the camera, comes from yet the same photo again (as the two above). I've outlined all three images in the reduced photo on the right to show as a whole where each were found.

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