While out for a walk to take some spirit photos, I had an urge to turn around from the direction I was walking and take a photo of the street behind me. I felt perhaps I would capture a spirit due to the prompt I felt. I only took the one photo of this perspective. When looking later I noticed two vertical white lines in the sky centered between the power lines.

I can't think of any "normal" physical reason for these to show up in this photo and in this position. All other photos taken on the same walk had no such anomalies. But, I have recently desired and requested to see space craft, so it seems likely to me that my wish is being granted. (Visit this topic in the UFO Forum).

This is a darkened enlargement of the UFO on the right.


Below is the result of examining some cloud photos. I found a dark dot in the sky, zoomed in, and it appears to be a ball.








I spied another anomaly in the photo along with the sphere, which I equalized then enlarged below.





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With my interest piqued in capturing more UFOs, I aimed my camera at the sky.  Looking closely I noticed an orange line at the top center of this photo.



Then I scaled it 1000%.




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