Webcam Spirits

I capture most of my spirit photos on and around my property both on my digital camera and on webcam.  Here are some captures form the webcams.



Treeman       Treeman Highlighted
Man in bowler hat behind steering wheel


Antenna Face (animated)   Antenna Face
Face (two images combined) on left, then my interpretation on right.
Wolf Face in Trees 
Wolf Face in Trees (animated)
Wolf face in the tress and my animated interpretation.
Pool Face     Pool Face (animated)
Another of my animated interpretations.
Pool Spider    Pool Spider (my interp)
Giant spider climbing into water (my interp on right)
Pool Spider Out
Spider climbing out

Red arrow in full screen points to face peeping over fence.

Another shot of a peeper in the same place. I've tinted right crop with my interpretation.
Original above, my interpretation circled.

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