The word scry is derived from "descry" meaning "to see", and refers specifically to psychic sight or clairvoyance. A popular notion of scrying is "looking into a crystal ball" or other reflective surface to receive visions of the future, past, present, or elsewhere.

Gazing into my photos in an attempt to identify spirit images, I have inadvertently developed my claivoyant skill of scrying. The more I gaze, the clearer the spirit images become and the more of them I see. After hundreds of hours spent gazing into photos, I began to notice that spirit images are basically everywhere, not just in photos or crystal balls, but also in various patterned surfaces (trees, wallpaper, clouds, water, velvet fabric, paper, and even a pure white bath towel)! Some images are so strong that I feel compelled to draw them, looking from the scrying surface, to my drawing, then back for comparison as I sketch.

Below is an example of a cynocephalus that I "saw" in some light blue wallpaper. The vision strengthened as I sketched this being while I continued to see it in the wallpaper pattern. I chose to colour his cloak red as I did not "see" colour.




Below is an example of a spirit cynocephalus I scryed in a night time swimming photo. I find it all the more validating that the cyno appears medieval and charged for battle (see why on the cynocephalus page). His enormous muscles are accurately depicted by the light play on the water and he appears to be wearing a helmet or cap, a fancy collar, and is otherwise bare, but for what might be a square of material strapped across his chest. There are also various wolf faces about, but one wolf head seemed clear to me so I have outlined it.


Below is the outline and the original.


  Coloured interpretation

Is it imagination, or is it the spirit world? To me there is little doubt that it is the spirit world (other dimensions). A majority of the spirit figures I see have depth and shading, something I would find difficult to imagine vividly or draw accurately without being able to "see" it. Most figures are beyond my wildest imagination and end up connecting to spirit images I've scryed previously and are part of a larger message/story. The visions are sometimes accompanied by words that I can research to help define the meaning of the vision. I "hear" the words clairaudiently, which is where words, speech, sound, music, etc., enters the brain's auditory processing center directly, as opposed to being received through vibrations in the ear.


Another example of my scrying.  This is from Flux's opal photo.  The image clarified itself as I began picking out the details.




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