The word seraph (seraphim, plural) is a biblical term referring to an order of supernatural beings, deriving from the Hebrew word meaning "fiery serpent". It was through examining my evening photographs looking for further evidence of the spirit world, that I became acquainted with this subject. I had begun to "see" dragon spirits that had a mixture of canine and serpent features. Initially unable to bring these images out through the photos, I decided to draw what I was seeing.

Soon dreams and clairaudient experiences produced the word seraphim, a term I had to research to find its meaning. This was followed by other words, such as Leviathan (Hebrew for sea serpent), and Tiamat (the serpent from the Babylonian creation legend), more words I had to research to understand.


"Destruction of Leviathan" by Gustave Dore.


A leviathan drawing from 18th century grimoires. This drawing reflects the canine-serpent aspect like I see.


From my journal...

March 2006

This morning as I woke, I remembered that during the night I had learned about seraphim—the dragon/wolves that flood the night sky. It made perfect sense in my altered state that the seraph is divided by three, and each part serves a purpose. They follow people around and track them. Perhaps they are eyes and ears for the creator?


Eventually I was able to bring out some of the seraphim I see in my photographs:

Focusing on the bluish mist high up in the tree, it appears to be a wolf-like face with bared teeth.



This photo above reveals to me a light mist amongst the orbs with a grimacing beast-like face.

What are these fearsome spirits and why are they frightful looking?

This was what I desperately needed to know, so I prayed and received an answer (as always). They are pure will, life-force, drive, power, fierceness! They are part of the "three": soul/love, body/intellect, will/power. In balance, all three work together in harmony. But with will, it is like fire, it is a very good thing, a life-giving thing, but too much is frightening, dangerous, and destructive. And yet, not enough will creates lethargy and stagnation.

So in a nutshell, I believe these flying beasts are literally the will of living things (ourselves, trees, etc.), the driving force of life, and they appear to be everywhere.

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