This palm tree in my backyard seems to be a strong source for spirits. The pictures below are portions cut out from one of the first photos I took in my quest to capture spirits or orbs. At the time I took this photo, I announced verbally that I would be taking a picture and anyone that wanted to appear was welcome. This original photo contained a bright orb, which delighted me enough, and I didn't know at that time to look for anything else.

I have tried to highlight this magnificent Australian aboriginal spirit, that appears under the tree, so he can be seen more clearly without altering his original "look".



This spirit has soulful eyes and a grey beard. He is smoking a long pipe, at the end of which is a large cone bowl with a face on it. I have tinted the pipe yellow, and roughly tinted the man's skin brown. I carved out the figure as I see it, though it is vague to me below his chest. He appears to be holding an animal (perhaps a cat). It also appears as though his arm is captured in a series of images. Maybe this is movement, or maybe it is the nature of another dimension.

Below is an original enlargement of his face on the left, contrasted on the right.


Below is a second spirit image found within this same photo. This one is a bit more abstract, but I feel confident that this is another aboriginal man.



And below is another photographed some months later.

This face in the grass appeared in a daytime photo.

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