Dragons and Serpents

I capture many spirit dragons in my photos. Sometimes they look more mammal (wolfish), sometimes they look more reptilian (serpentlike). I categorize them all under Dragons (Seraphim) in my Esoteric Topics. Below is one of my favourite captures -- a tree spirit in the form of a Chinese dragon. (Comments)


Below are two photos taken two months apart in the same location (by a particular piece of fence), one during the day and one at night. Both contain an eye (or eyes) that looked similar and prompted me to connect the two photos.


Below in this pool photo, I have brightened the eyes with yellow leaving the borders of the "dragon" for your mind to determine.




I found an image of a giant serpent in this early photo.


I made several attempts to bring out the image I could see by brightening and outlining.  (Comments)



Below is a daytime capture of a dragon creature in the shade under a clothes line. I have enhanced the final cropped image (bottom right) for added clarity.

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