Green Man


Spirit face on fence (magnified on right).



A larger spirit face was spotted and outlined by my friend Fishka.


While examining this photo, I noticed a ghostly figure (circled).



Magnification of this ghostly figure reveals a man with a high forehead and a long gray beard.



These two photos taken at the same spot as the photo above, reveal the same man with long face, deep-set eyes, heavy brow, and a top hat with curled brim. I believe he is the entity showing up for all of the photos on this page. And as years have passed and I continue to see him, I have come to believe he is the legendary entity known as Green Man. Although he sometimes wears different hats when I see him and his features alter slightly (for example a shorter beard).


Below is a large orb containing Green Man's face (my favourite appearance by him). I have magnified it below.



Below I have cut-out his image and converted it to black and white, and then added in colour to further bring out what I see. He is holding a rose or flower in front of his left eye and his trademark flower on his hat.




Here he is yet again! He's coming out of this tree diagonally. I have altered the last two photos to exaggerate his features so he can be easily seen, tinting his hat brown and the flower on his hat and at his chin pink. 




And AGAIN! He has his trademark flower either on a faint hat or in the middle of his forehead.  He is just very keen to be recognized.  (More of my Green Man Experiences



Bearded man covered in flowers...


Enlarged and tinted with my interpretation.

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