Dog Cemetery


This is a cut-out of the spirit shape I have noted with a blue square in the cemetery photo. I have enlarged and contrasted the cut-out, and outlined my interpretation of this dog's nose and eyes.



I have taken this cutout from the red square on the cemetery photo. Both left and right have been highlighted and contrasted. I have outlined the photo on the right with what I clearly see as a chihuahua, which is one of the prevalent dog breeds buried here. When I showed the unenhanced photo on the left to the property owner, he was able to immediately see the likeness of the chihuahua (which was great and validating for me). Also of note, I see the ear on the left side of the outline in two distinct positions, which I am finding is not unusual in my spirit photos.

This photo is a cut-out from the grassy area in the dog cemetery photo above. I have enlarged the first frame, contrasted in the second, and outlined what I interpret in the third frame. The entire grassy areas seems filled with faces. I almost always see "spirit collages" like this, where many spirits are grouped together and share facial features, in orbs and in patches of translucent material, or backgrounds of photos.

My dog Tsuki 


Whole original made small 

Crop Shows Copy of Tsuki in Spirit to Right






First Pose of Spirit


Second Pose of Spirit 

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