Spirit Snakes

Many of the orbs I have photographed are attached to snakes. The snakes are usually transparent with hints of color, but sometimes they are rather solid. The photo below was taken early on in my attempts to capture spirits. I thought it was a wonderful blue orb at first. It wasn't until months later when I became better at "seeing" that I realized this orb was a vessel for a rather obvious spirit snake.


Above is an enlargment. Below I have highlighted the

snake with green so it is easier to see...

Below is a lucky capture of a spirit snake in a virtually solid form.

In the photo below a spirit snake is superimposed on a garden rock.

I find it common for a spirit figure to conform itself to an existing object.

I have outlined this snake as I see it, realizing it does not look like a conventional snake.

Many of the spirit images I see look unconventional.

I have outlined only a fraction of the snake coils that I see in this photo full of spirit snakes.

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