This is one of my favourite spirit photos. I originally named the photo file "spirit head", as I was not fully aware that this being was part canine. In fact, I didn't even see his image at all the first few times I examined the main photo, which was of a stand of trees across a busy street. It was only months later when looking through this photo again that I spotted him.



Above is a larger portion of the photo from which this wolfman was taken.



This photo, examined and highlighted in a series of crops above, was taken on 24 Jan 2006, though I only spotted the wolfman image it contained five months later while carefully going over old photos. This photo is of the same stand of trees where the wolfman above was taken from, again on a rainy evening. This photo shows both a "human" and a wolf each sharing half of the face area. I notice in most spirit photos that faces share space. Sometimes tens of them at a time.


Above is another example of wolf and wolfman sharing space. I have tinted their eyes (yellow) for clarity.


To the right of the palm is the same giant wolf spirit as above, but in daylight (edge and corner of photo).
I yellowed his eyes and have highlighted the wolfman image I see again emerging symbolically from his forehead.







Werewolves are an ancient concept, dating back at least as far as Roman times.
Above is a 19th century print depicting the werewolves of Normandy in France.
See my esoteric topic on cynocephalus (dog-headed people) for another perspective on wolf-men.

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