Thoth is the Egyptian moon god of knowledge and magic. He is associated with the creation of writing, geometry, astronomy, music, and medicine. He is most often depicted with the head of an Ibis bird, though sometimes his head is that of a cynocephalus (dog-headed) baboon. I picture him similar to Anubis. Perhaps they are even the same being, after all, Thoth has had many incarnations and is associated with many other gods, such as Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Zoaroaster, Zeus, Hermes, and more -- one god performing many roles.



My introduction to Thoth...

10 May 2005

I woke at 2:00 a.m. As I lay in a twilight state, reviewing my dreams, I felt a familiar buzzing/vibrating sensation. I felt some separation of body and spirit which was accompanied by an audible wet noise in my chest of pressure affecting mucus (like sinus or ears adjusting at high altitudes). I began seeing photo negative visions of shapes. But I could not decipher what they were. I felt that they were alien in nature, that I was seeing another reality which was why I could not understand the images. As I drifted closer to sleep I felt that a figure was taking me to see a power, a God-like entity. We went “below”, whether that means below the earth or in a dimension underneath, I am not completely sure. The power was a dark power, in that it was not light, but not that it was necessarily evil. I came close to the dark power, but it had no form, just darkness and density. I sensed a rhythmic expanding and contracting of the energy like breathing. As I came back to full consciousness the name Toth was placed in my mind.

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