Three - A Magic Number

For three days in a row I had dreams or twilight lessons about the number three...


Tuesday 31.10.06

I surfaced from sleep this morning, languoring in twilight as I received repetitive information about three goddesses. I saw birthstones associated with the goddesses: white, red, and another colour that I can't remember now.

Looking up "three goddesses" today, I find that in ancient Indo-European mythologies various goddesses appear as a triad, either as three separate beings appearing together as a group or as a single deity who is depicted in three aspects.



This is an ancient triple goddess symbol used by Wiccans, representing the three aspects of the moon (waxing crescent, full moon, waning crescent) and womankind (maiden, mother, crone). The triple goddess is said to represent feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. Some say she also represents the 3-phased cycle of birth, life and death. Neopagans believe the triple goddess to be the personification of all women everywhere.

Another triple goddess symbol is the Celtic triple spiral (triskele symbol) which is sometimes called the spiral of life and was used consistently in Celtic art for three thousand years. The Celts believed that all life moved in eternal cycles, regenerating at each point.

Perhaps this all ties in with the song I have been receiving so frequently, "three is a magic number".


Wednesday 01.11.06

I dreamed a friend of mine had just given birth making this her third child. She was toting the baby around against her stomach under her shirt. She lifted her shirt to show me the baby who was very tiny and cute. Upon closer inspection I realized the baby had very fair skin (with freckles), red hair and green eyes. I knew the baby was Irish. The amazing part to me was that this woman and her two other children had dark coloured skin. I said with good intent that it must be interesting for her to have children of such diversity. And then I woke up with the song "Irish Eyes" playing in my mind.

I have come to notice that mother/child skin colour is a theme in my dreams, as is "three" (that's a magic number!). I am sure it is pastlife driven.

Looking back through my journal, in August of 2006, I dreamed that I had a baby with white hair and blue eyes and I remember the white colour was extreme as was the electric blue.


In September of 2005:

I dreamed that a dark-skinned acquaintance of mine was pregnant for the third time. In the dream her children had curly blond hair that was so blond it was white, but it was mixed with a hint of dark hair in the front and olive skin like their mother's...


Then further back in July 2005:

I remember a dream sequence involving a dark skinned woman being touched by light and then knowing that she was pregnant with three babies, two of which were monozygotic twins. Her fair skinned husband seemed doubtful of her revelation, particularly since they had already miscarried one baby. They were planning the building of a huge structure and were being guided by supernatural forces.

And finally, in early July 2005, I dreamed that one of my friends had three children and it turned out in reality that she was pregnant with her third and had yet to tell me.


Thursday 02 Nov 06

I woke three times this morning with the message "three is a magic number" (yet again!).


Tuesday 21 Aug 07

I woke in the night from a most vivid experience in which I witnessed the three elements that make up all life. It was clear in my mind, but is difficult to translate with the depth of meaning that was there. The three were represented by three different layers of shapes overlapping like rows of waves if you looked out into the ocean. The waves were moving together but separately in a pattern of their own, almost like a row of squares overlapped by circles or crescent, overlapped by a row of triangles. And then repeated.

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