Video Reviews

Amongst the documentaries I have seen, the following were particularly worthwhile...

The Boy with Divine Powers

Ram, a young practicing Buddist monk, born May 9, 1989, in Nepal, began meditating in the crook of a tree (as pictured) on May 16, 2005. He told his family that he intended to meditate (non-stop) for 6 years, and would be taking no food or water.

He had been in meditation for 10 months by the time this documentary began filming. Nutritional experts' comments were given stating that according to medical science the longest a person should be able to live without food is 2.5 months, and without water 4 to 5 days. Midway through the documentary a physician from India contacted the film crew with information his team had gather from studies of other mystic/meditators who had been filmed and studied 24/hours for 10 days taking no food or water. To them this was not a new phenomenon.

The crew of this documentary filmed Ram continuously for 4 days with no indication of him leaving his spot, nor drinking or eating. However, Ram "disappeared" on March 11, 2006. The prevailing belief is that he went further into the jungle to continue his meditation in peace.

This was a wonderful and fascinating documentary. For me, it added evidence to my existing belief that what we believe is what we experience, rather than the other way around. We create our own reality.

Unsolved Mysteries UFOs

I had not seen many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, so these stories were often new news to me. This was an excellent value for money, with 4 DVDs in the set. But the best part was the detailed information and interviews with key people involved in the encounters. There were some UFO incidents I had read or heard about, but these programs gave more details than I received before, and it was nice to see the visuals and re-enactments. I really enjoyed watching these discs.
World's Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape

This is an amazing collection of ghost stories with activity caught on video! It can be found on-line through search.
Grizzly Man

This documentary was about a man named Timmothy Treadwell who was very passionate about Alaskan grizzly bears. He felt he had to commune with them each summer before their hibernation by living amongst them, and he felt that by doing this he was also "saving" them from poachers. He spent fourteen summers filming his experiences, commenting on numerous occassions that he was aware he might by killed in the process, but he was completely driven to be with the grizzlies and seemed happy to accept the risks.

In a follow-up documentary called "Diary of a Grizzly Man" Tim's friends talk about him and his mission. One of his friends said that for all of the 14 years Tim was with the bears, not a single (known) bear was poached. But the first summer that he was not there after his death, 6 bears were found dead (though it is speculation as to whether they were poached or died from other causes). But knowing this did make me feel that maybe his spirit was protecting the bears by his being there. At the very least, Tim followed his will and experienced an enormous depth of life, and he touched and enlighted many people about bears and about passion, struggle and overcoming fear, and making the most of life. He definitely reached me.

I include this in my recommended documentaries because it has everything in the world to do with spirits, life, and finding the meaning of our own precious, individual, indispensible role in it all.

Out of the Blue

This was a professional, practical, and entertaining documentary of UFO phenomenon. It convinced me that authoritative cover-ups steeped in fear have kept UFO facts from the public. Several retired military officers, seeming rational and responsible, told of their sightings and knowledge of UFOs, and of the protocols for non-disclosure, as footage, photos, and facts were swallowed up by authorities higher in command. I particularly enjoyed the coverage of the lights over Arizona with so many credible witnesses, footage, and newscasts. The governor of Arizona, initially promising to seek the true origins of the lights, later held a news conference in which he mocked the issue by bringing in someone dressed in an alien costume as a joke. This stunt effectively insinuated shame on any pursuit of this "laughable" issue, and extinguished the momentum for further official investigation of the lights.

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