White Wolf


Thu 24 May 07

This afternoon I was hearing a strange tinkling noise up high in my neck or perhaps in my auditory area, I'm not sure of the location. I hear the tinkling sometimes when I move my head. It sounds like a tiny hammer hitting glass, or a tiny leaf of metal clattering on glass. It is definitely metallic sounding. It seems based in reality, but yet may not be. I can't figure out what it is.

Sat 01 Jun 07

I still hear the tinkling in my right ear that started a week ago (24.05.07) and which sounds like the tiniest thinnest glass container with a tiny metallic object in it. And I wondered as I went about cleaning the house today, is this tinkling sound from an alien implant? And if it is would it then be from a physical abduction and the "bad" type of aliens (if there are a “bad” type)? And I thought, But would my guides protect me? Can they protect me or do they interfere as such? And upon this last thought I received telepathically and emphatically, You would protect yourself. All things [of this realm] are consensual. And I knew that to be absolutely true, that all experiences or hardships are lessons chosen by the soul/self.


So my question remains. . .Is it an alien implant that is delicately clinking around in my skull?

Thu 14 Jun 07

I have been anxious for the last two days without knowing why. Night before last I experienced images in my sleep time that made me feel whatever is bugging me is about to surface, but not yet.


Last night I asked sincerely to know what it is that is bothering me. Then at 3:00 am, I experienced a ghostly animated image of a fierce ghostly wolf. This image was forcefully accompanied by the words "The white wolf is real!" At this, I was pushed into full, stark waking state. The words “It is real,” kept repeating firmly in my mind.


I felt I was exposed only briefly to the wolf because it was a powerful entity. And as I lay in bed wide awake being assured the wolf was very real, I thought about the photo of the wolf on the roof, and the wolf in the sky, and all the wolfmen images and canine eyes I always see in photos and my mind's eye. I wondered is God is a wolf!? Is it another entity all together? And whilst all this was happening I heard something moving on the roof over my head. I suppose it might have been possums, but this noise was timed rather precisely. The noises would stop and start as I would think of specific things.


Whatever the case, one thing seems sure. . .The White Wolf Is Real.


And further today I see more images in the backyard trees than ever. They are so strong and wolf-like. Even an image I could see in a far away eucalyptus many weeks ago is reasserting itself. This is all definitely real.




Fri 15 Jun 07

Throughout intervals in the night I saw blue eyes, large and small, but all blue.

Sat 16 Jun 07

I had lunch with my friend C. and was able to tell her about many of my spiritual experiences and theories. She graciously and intently listened to me and I felt validated. But she didn't seem to resonate with the idea of me having an alien implant (tinkling in my skull).


This morning I woke to the lyrics, "Blue eyes, baby's got blue eyes," running through my mind.


I dreamed of various people that I "come" from. I can only remember a few, such as an elderly Chinese couple. I was a long lost relative or perhaps daughter.


Another in the line-up of those I belong to was a white wolf woman shape-shifter with blue eyes. She looked rather scary. She was a mix of fierceness of wolf and human. Her eyes were topaz blue, long, thin, slanted and very piercing. Her skin/fur was pure white and soft. Her nose was very strange. It hinted at a snout, but was very stunted due to her human mixture.  She wore a blue cloak.




Mon 18 Jun 07

Wow, last night was the biggest spirit night I have ever had. I went to sleep around 11:00 pm and woke at 12:30 am. The female white wolf and her constituents had been talking to me and needed me conscious, which is why I found myself awake.


I knew and remembered what had just happened. They had spoken in my mind while I was unconscious. Their voices were accompanied by music that reminded me of a TV game show theme in its enthusiasm and grandness (mostly the sound of trumpets), yet it was a little more choppy, as if quickly cutting in and out, and like nothing I can remember ever specifically hearing before. The first question they asked that I can remember (now), and most important was "Will you allow [the female white wolf] inside you to [help you] explore your inner self?"


I was flattered, amazed, and it was so real, and yet it was rather confronting and I was somewhat afraid. The impression I got was that I would be allowing a reasonably powerful entity to go exploring me and help me understand what she found. Intellectually it made sense to me that after all the work I have been doing on myself these past few years that I have reached such an important point as to be offered help. I got the distinct impression of alieness (from those long, sharp, topaz-blue eyes). And I saw her face more full-on and clearly and it was definitely edgy and frightening.


I think she was the only female. The other males I saw in a remembered glimpse were grey wolves with elongated eyes like hers and with extreme fierceness on their snarling faces. They were not trying to scare me, I believe this is just the nature of who they are.


I tossed and turned wondering if I could allow such a thing as letting her inside me. It seemed a big decision. They told me that my consent was definitely needed before this merge could take place.


As I drifted I received the word "claws" and saw them symbolized as rips in the fabric of the air. I heard a name that had two "a's" and four letters, I think. It was something like "Arka" or "Akra" and was the name of one of the entities. And I can understand how these entities could be seen as demonic by others that may have encountered them. They represent intense power and overcoming of fear. They must be utterly fierce to do what they do – help you explore your greatest depths and fears.


When I would slip into unconsciousness they would talk to me more and I was grateful they had not abandoned me. I kept getting lyrics, "as real as anything you've seen."


I fell asleep and dreamed of a nice home with a large storage garage attached. The garage was filled with magnificent furniture and things from a failed past business deal. I knew I could not keep the stuff forever, it would have to be liquidated.


I found some photos from the past amongst the stuff. The photos were filled with spirit images that looked 3-D and were amazingly clear to me. They almost came to life they were so vivid.


At waking intervals I felt the wolves were still there. I also felt I may have given permission to them at some level, too. A level a bit below waking consciousness.


I heard noises in my head during the night similar to the tinkling behind my right ear. But they were louder and duller sounding and toward the back of my head. I remember thinking to myself that the these sounds were related to the wolves and hence the implant tinkling was related to the wolves as well.

Tue 19 Jun 07

I listened for the tinkling sound yesterday and today and didn't hear it. I think it is gone.


I think I have let the wolf woman inside because this morning as I woke I remembered various dream sequences that involved her. And my fear is totally gone. I also received a message as I woke. The gist was that she would be providing more ongoing dream sequences to represent some of our interactions and work together.

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